Natural Moxy's Moisturizing Conditioner


Title: Natural Moxy’s Moisturizing Conditioner: The Natural Trio for Healthy Hair

Description: Revive your dry, curly hair with Natural Moxy’s Moisturizing Conditioner. This natural hair solution, enriched with the superfood tomato, quickly melts into wet strands, providing superior detangling and combing.

It is further enhanced with honey and coconut oil to retain maximum moisture and tomato for essential nourishment. Experience the luxury of this conditioner and indulge your senses in its enchanting and serene fragrance, offering a moment of peace and tranquility with every use.

Benefits: Transform your hair routine with this revolutionary product that offers exceptional slip to detangle your hair effortlessly. Say goodbye to hair breakage and hello to a hair experience unlike any other. It contains various naturally ingredients that provide multiple benefits for your hair.

Star ingredients:

- Coconut oil is an excellent solution for deep conditioning and hair damage repair. It is loaded with lauric acid. This penetrates deep into the hair shaft, providing essential nourishment and strength to the roots. By preventing protein loss, coconut oil helps maintain healthy, lustrous hair, preventing it from being frizzy, broken, and dry. It can also help control dandruff by reducing scalp flaking, managing a dry and itchy scalp, and promoting the growth of beneficial bacteria. Furthermore, It can reduce the amount of water absorbed into your hair and minimize everyday hair damage.

- Tomato extract, perfect for dry hair, feeds and conditions it. It contains antioxidants, Vitamin A, folic acid, E, K, and potassium.

- Honey improves elasticity and promotes resilience to breakage by providing moisture to dry strands.


Nourish your hair naturally!

Dry, Brittle Hair

Cause: Protein loss

Solution: Our product contains coconut oil, rich in lauric acid, which penetrates deeply into the hair shaft, nourishing from within. This promotes healthy, glossy hair that’s strong and resilient.


Cause: Tight curl pattern

Solution: The conditioning properties of tomato in our product provide a delicious slip, making hair detangling easier.


Cause: Tight curl pattern

Solution: Honey, a key ingredient in our product, improves hair elasticity and resilience, reducing breakage.

Dryness/Scalp Health

Cause: Lack of moisture

Solution: Our product's combination of honey and coconut oil provides maximum moisture to both hair and scalp, promoting overall scalp health and preventing dryness.


How to use:

Directions: Apply to soaking wet hair and leave for 3-5 minutes. This will soften hair and make it easier to detangle.

Short Hair:  Apply conditioner and spread it through the hair. Work the product into hair from root to tip in sections. Detangle your hair, working from tip to root in sections. Rinse out the conditioner thoroughly.

Long Hair: Hair should be loosely bound into at least five sections. Untie one section and apply the conditioner from the root to the ends. Detangle hair from tip to root. Loosely re-bind hair. Follow these steps until all sections are done. Rinse out the conditioner thoroughly.


External use only

*Naturally derived: Ingredients that originate from nature and are then processed in some way to create the final product